Taking care of 

How Three’s Customer Care Centre in Limerick does just that.

It’s not when things are going right that you appreciate excellent customer support. It’s when they’re going wrong. That’s when Three is on your side, and – with a team of experienced customer support agents based in Limerick – right by your side too.


Real person,
real service

Cunningham Foods
has approximately

50 Mobiles

in use across its business

Having used several different mobile providers in the past, the company decided to consolidate all its mobile plans to Three – creating one easier to manage account, supported by a dedicated agent in the Limerick Care Centre. As Chris Long, IT Manager at Cunningham Foods explains:

“There’s no going through the motions and reading from a script. It’s like the difference between talking to Siri and talking to a real person.”

There’s no communication barrier as with some help desks. We have a personal relationship and good craic, and if they can’t help they put you through to someone who can or they’ll call back with the answer.

Chris Long, Group IT Manager, Cunningham Foods

Analog Devices in
Limerick has over

300 Connected

devices with Three


Meeting the highest

Analog Devices in Limerick has over 300 connected devices with Three; about a third of which continually roam across Europe, Asia and the USA. With a robust system and highly competent partners worldwide, problems are few and far between. However, when an issue does arise then, as Analog Devices’ Senior Buyer Declan McDermott explains:

“One number, you ring, you’re done.”

“Three constantly goes to the 100% level to get it solved. It’s what we expect.”

Declan McDermott, Senior Buyer, Analog Devices


When all you want for Christmas is a SIM card

’Twas the Friday before Christmas when all was too quiet for one hotel employee’s phone. Their several years old SIM card failed. The Care Centre was nearby for the customer, so rather than having to wait several days over the holidays for a replacement, their support agent invited them to drop in and worked outside of regular hours to swap the card with a spare.

4 hours

and accounting

A new Finance Administrator for a Three Enterprise customer was used to their previous provider’s billing system, so was not making the most of Three’s system, 3Analyst. A Three Account Executive spent 4 hours at the customer’s premises showing her how to run reports, spot trends and identify user behaviours that are against company policy e.g. texting premium numbers or excessive data use.

20 years

and counting

15 agents have worked in Three’s Customer Care Centre for more than 20 years and a massive 228 people have worked there for 10 years or more. Agents know their customers’ businesses inside out and have a wealth of knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years.

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