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5G is coming - ready or not

The move to 5G is inevitable.

Making the most of it for your business is not. 5G will open up greater connectivity, new opportunities for business efficiency, and new opportunities for revenue. However, you have to be informed, prepared and waiting.





5G provides the capability to connect more devices than ever.

And – thanks to 5G’s larger bandwidth, lower latency and ultra-reliability – whatever is connected, stays connected. Small amounts of data, collected and transmitted numerous times a day, can make anywhere from farms to factories more informed, more flexible and more productive.

From connected

The connected car is already here.

High-end models communicate with their own concierge service, enabling drivers and passengers to interact with third-party services, have destinations automatically downloaded to the navigation system and third-party content to the entertainment system. 5G will take these services to another level. It will also allow businesses to take advantage of opportunities such as aided driving, autonomous driving and ownerless vehicles.

...to connected commuting

5G’s seamless connectivity will open up opportunities to enhance safety and efficiency for every type of driver and commuter.
Imagine that your smartwatch (or mobile) keeps you connected as you walk down the street to buy your morning coffee, which is ready and paid for when you arrive.

The autonomous vehicle you booked earlier picks you up outside the coffee shop right on time and drives you to the office.

It uses Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) connectivity to communicate with your smartwatch, other vehicles, pedestrians (RFID tags and wearables), traffic control and the infrastructure (road sensors), so your journey is safer and shorter. You arrive at your destination and notice the vehicle warning sign appear for fuel or a service, but no need to worry - it’s not your problem. You don’t have to find parking either!

Small-Medium is beautiful

5G doesn’t just level the playing field. It tilts it dramatically in favour of SMEs.

Larger businesses have long had the network infrastructure resources to enable a wider range of services. Now 5G gives SMEs equal connectivity without the overheads. This means the ability to do what you’re already doing, but better. Thanks to the smaller scale and inherent agility and flexibility of SMEs, it also means more chances to capitalise on the completely new opportunities 5G offers. For once, the smaller the business, the bigger the benefits.

Better video

Every minute counts in business, as does face-to-face contact with colleagues and customers.
5G can help you achieve a cost-effective compromise that cuts out travel time, expense and vehicle emissions. 5G’s low latency and dependable connectivity eliminate audio-lag, video-lag and dropped connections, and the higher bandwidth delivers smoother high-definition video for more reliable video conferencing. Time spent driving can be swapped for time spent driving your business.


With 5G connectivity, the world is your oyster. And the world can be your office too.
The speed of 5G makes for seamless working on any device, with full access to all the corporate tools, files and documents just as quickly and easily as if you were at your desk. Instead of being stuck in the office, employees can venture wherever the job or the mood takes them. That makes for even more mobility, flexibility and productivity than we have now.

Becoming a reality

As 5G becomes a reality, it will make the application of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) a real possibility for every business.
Amazon already offers an AR app, so customers can view a potential purchase – such as an item of furniture – in place in their home before they buy1. VR offers potential for training, for example, on virtual equipment, or for testing new products without the expense of creating a real-world prototype.

Customer service can be enhanced, employee training improved and manufacturing costs reduced in the real world, all through capitalising on the virtual one.

Blue skies ahead

When fast and reliable connectivity is available on any device from anywhere, why handcuff your business to onsite servers and inflexible software?
5G makes it quicker and easier to access software-as-a-service from the cloud – providing optimum flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. Once you’re freed to focus on your core business activities, rather than devoting resources to managing your IT system, the sky’s the limit.

Countdown to 5

Three is the only operator in Ireland that can support identical 5G services across the whole country, giving rural areas of Ireland – and SMEs in those areas - the same connectivity and communications capabilities as the larger cities.

With 5G launching soon, the time to take action is now.
  1. Take Action
  2. Decide what steps you should take to be 5G ready
  3. Scope new business opportunities that 5G could enable
  4. Consider how your existing business systems and processes could benefit
  5. Understand what 5G can do

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