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Secure, trusted, digital technologies are enabling better outcomes in healthcare delivery.

All Together Now

Discover how a Unified Communications environment allows everything and everybody to connect seamlessly on one platform.

Taking care of business

How Three’s Customer Care Centre in Limerick does just that.

Virtually cured: what does the future hold for healthcare?

Richard Corbridge, Director of Innovation at Boots UK & Ireland, looks at the technologies influencing the next generation of healthcare.

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Schools framework fuels innovation and pain-free procurement.

Procurement frameworks are a model of efficiency: mitigating the risk of paying too much or signing contracts that don’t deliver.

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How SMS can cure the headache of cash payments for schools.

As the cashless society draws closer, schools are one of the last bastions of notes and coins. 

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Three Business is transforming an entire island.

Imagine what we could do for your business.

The Cybersecurity Triple-Threat

Where are you vulnerable and how do you defend your business?

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How the Internet of Things will change everything

(including your business)

Connecting an island: driving transformation through better connectivity.

Could we transform island life with technology but at the same time preserve their culture?

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Connecting an island: Arranmore is open for business.

Unlike densely populated areas that by and large enjoy all the advantages of superfast connectivity, more remote locations need some pretty creative thinking and of course, the right solutions.

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Learning new ways to learn at work.

An audience that is used to interactive video content on their smartphones is no longer prepared to submit to a slow “death by PowerPoint”. New methods of teaching are required if employees are going to learn willingly.

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"What we have in the pipeline is game-changing..."

Why Three being part of the multinational CK Hutchison is a good thing for Enterprise in Ireland


Businesses on the Move

How Irish businesses can adopt mobile working and maintain security.

Data threats are complicated; security doesn’t have to be.

Some businesses fear migrating data or systems to the cloud because they fear that the cloud in and of itself presents a security risk. However, it’s actually poor security that’s the real security risk.

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Simplified school payment systems

Limerick and Clare ETB employed Way2Pay to benefit schools, pupils and parents

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Demystifying M2M and the Internet of Things

Machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT) represent the next leap forward in technology and communications. Our video-book is essential viewing if you want to be part of the revolution.

A telephony disaster is one problem you don’t need to own.

Few businesses are well-prepared for a telephony disaster – but with the right telephony, you may not have to be.

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Device security for Cork

How Three helped Cork City Council mange 300+ smartphones and tablets securely.

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