An Eye on Irish Industry

The challenge of staying competitive in a digital world is one that’s facing Irish businesses across every sector: from retail to hospitality to transport and logistics; but it’s one you don't have to face alone — and certainly not without coffee. Join Padraig Sheerin, Three’s Head of SME, as he sits down with business owners across some of Ireland’s fastest-changing industries to discuss what they are doing to keep their edge.


Customers are increasingly shopping online, and retailers of all kinds need to find ways to address this shopping revolution.


Mulligan’s Pharmacy

On a visit to Ireland’s only drive-through pharmacy, Padraig meets with Ronan Mulligan to see how a modern retailer is using technology to provide a customer experience tailored to ‘digital natives.’

Food & Hospitality

Customers today seek not just a meal, but an experience. In the restaurant business, communications technology has had to evolve to keep pace with customer expectations — and also business expansion.


Gourmet Food Parlour

Sitting down with Lorraine Heskin, Padraig finds that connectivity drives the customer experience — in the front of the house and back.

Transport & Logistics

Some things can never be digital or virtual, which means there will always be a need for transportation of goods. However, even in this sector, the latest communications can significantly improve efficiency — and employee satisfaction.


Frank McCarthy Haulage

From the cab of one of their fleet, Gary McCarthy reveals to Padraig how mobile communications and paperless documentation make his business efficient, agile and always ready for change.

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